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VERDE Nanomaterials transforms plant waste into advanced cellulose nanofibers for sustainable and
high-performance materials in the circular bioeconomy

Our Story

VERDE Nanomaterials is a spin-off from the University of Washington and was created in 2022.

VERDE aims to produce cost-competitive cellulose nanofiber products that improve product performance and environmental footprint in various applications.

We retrieve nature's most abundant building block from plant wastes

Everyone is familiar with cellulose fibers - they make the paper that we write on every day. These cellulose fibers are naturally present in all kinds of plant biomass (such as trees, grain crops, grasses, and more), being the most abundant natural polymer on Earth!

By breaking down cellulose fibers into their smaller subunits called nanofibers, VERDE Nanomaterials can obtain nature's largest building block to be used in various industry sectors. Our nanofiber products are sustainably-sourced, derived from low-cost plant waste raw materials instead of the typical high-purity wood bleached pulp.

Hay Bales
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The power of cellulose nanofibers

Cellulose nanofibers are advanced biomaterials with an extraordinary combination of properties.

This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from low-volume (cosmetics, electronics, filtration, sensors) to high-volume (packaging, plastic, composites, cement).

Image by Igor Son

Natural and non-toxic

Obtained from plants and poses no harm to the environment.

Image by Pedro Vit


Large surface area and low density.

Fall Foliage


From nature and back to nature - degrades just like any dead leaf in your backyard.

Image by Braedon McLeod


The smaller, the harder to see. Nanofibers become transparent at certain size.

Crane at Work

Super strong

Tensile strength is superior to that of steel.

Image by David Becker


Capacity to retain large amounts of water.

and the list goes on...

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